Some Current Habitat Home Owners 2022

Work was completed on this lovely, rehabilitated house in November 2021 with the help of over 73 volunteers.  COVID had a dramatic impact on both the number of workers and the length of time worked, but it finally paid off with a beautiful new home for Stephanie, George, Cassidy and Zoey Westbrook.   

On May 15, 2022 the family cut the ribbon and entered the house as Habitat homeowners, with many volunteers and neighbors in the audience.  As soon as their mortgage is approved and signed, they will be able to officially move in.   

Kudos to the “COVID 12”, those volunteers who volunteers and were allowed to work on the house once restrictions were put in place.  Masks had to be work inside the house for many months, and fortunately no one caught the dreaded disease as a result of work at our site.  Special recognition to Mike Burghardt, Dave Kurzawa with over 300 hours each; to Martha Boutet, Marilyn Kurzawa, Dave Nowak, Pat Rodgers, Donna Roof, and Rich Smith with over 200 hours; and Linda Borrello, Rose Cerabone, Rick Marable, and George and Stephanie Westbrook with over 100 hours.  And special thanks to our younger workers from Job Corps and SUNY Fredonia prior to the pandemic.  Without everyone’s help, we would still be working on this house



The Ingram Family

Habitat has some of the greatest people volunteering for them. One of my biggest dreams was to own a house. Having to help build it made it even better. I still call on them, and they are always there for me. They have become a part of the family. Thank you so so much Habitat!


The McKenna Family

Having a home was an unattain- able dream until Habitat approached me back in 2007. The work that was required from me to obtain the home was grueling at times, but made more pleasurable by the volunteers who readily came to help. During that time, I met many people, I learned new skills, and I made lasting friendships that I value to this day.

Owning a home gives me pride in ownership, in that it gives me confidence that I can accomplish more, be more. It gives me the feeling of pride in community, that I am part of something bigger. By working alongside Habitat, I have gained another family, one I can turn to with questions or problems, or rejoice in new ventures or new opportunities.

Having a home in which to raise my children has been a wonderful thing. Having a place that, if and when my grown children need to come HOME, they can. A home we wouldn’t have, if not for Habitat of Humanity.


The Patti/Woods Family

Because of Habitat for Humanity, we were able to financially free ourselves from the crippling debt that keeps most families from being able to purchase a home. Without them, I don’t think we would have ever bought a home. We can actually say we have a savings account now too. No more just paycheck to paycheck and when this pandemic hit, we were okay. That would’ve never been the case before Habitat. They saved us in multiple ways. Thank you for teaching us how to truly appreciate the 4 walls around us. Thank you Habitat Family!!

Being a homeowner is an amazing feeling. It’s nice to know something is truly ours. It’s a place our children can grow up and have a yard to play in. It’s a big responsibility being a homeowner, but it’s been the most fulfilling year of our lives. We look forward to spending many more years here.


The Milius Family

We have been in our wonderful home for 10 years! What a long but wonderful process it was building our home with our Habitat family! There is such a wonderful feeling of security when you own your own home. No more wondering if the landlord will sell the property you are living in (which happened to us 3 times in a row!); no more having to ask permission to do any renovations or even painting to your own home; knowing your children will always know they have a home to come back to!

Working with Habitat for Humanity gives you a sense of pride in knowing you helped build the home you now live in. It was an experience I’ll never forget & will cherish forever! From the Ground Breaking to the Dedication when we finally got the keys to our home; from pouring the foundation to putting up the walls, the roof, the drywall, Jeremy’s use of power tools, and the patience of all the volunteers working with Jeremy (due to his memory issues); and of course finally moving into our home! But that doesn’t end your journey with Habitat, because from that day forward you have another family that offers you support, comfort, and friendship for your family! We will always be grateful to Habitat for Humanity!


The Burrs Family

I am beyond grateful to be a part of the Habitat family. It gave us the Opportunity to build our home alongside all the amazing volunteers.

With the help of Habitat, we as a family were able to build strength, stability, and independence, with an affordable mortgage. We have been in our beautiful home now for five years. Habitat gave me and my girls a secure place to call home.

Habitat has greatly impacted my family’s life.


The Ramirez Family

Moving can be stressful, especially when you have to do it often. It disrupts everything in your life and can add tension in your family relationships, job, child’s education, Etc.

I had seen Habitat for Humanity on the television but never within close proximity to where I ever lived. It was somewhat of a fairytale in my mind. When hearing that Chautauqua Area Habitat was looking for a family, I was extremely hopeful. I wanted to give my daughter the roots I’d never had.

Upon being accepted, we began a journey that would seem to take forever. So much love and dedication from so many amazing people who went from total strangers to family. Literal blood, sweat and tears were poured into this property. We made so many memories in this house before we even moved in. All of the perfect little imperfections make my heart smile. I love our home.

The Habitat family is one that never dies. This group of wonderful people gave us an opportunity to have the security we all deserve. They still reach out to let us know they care. Because of Habitat, my children will always have a safe place to call home. Thank you to all of those who contributed to making our dream come true!

Forever grateful, Alena